ACCESS-Retired Organizing Committee


ACCESS-Retired is the organization of retired members of ACCESS (Association of Cuyahoga County Employees for Special Students) who worked at the Cuyahoga County Board of Developmental Disabilities (CCBDD).   Our members provided many years of educational services and supports to young children, students, and adult clients served by the CCBDD in Cuyahoga County in northeastern Ohio.  ACCESS-Retired is associated with the NEOEA-Retired, the OADDP, the OEA-Retired, and the NEA-Retired.   Please check these sites for the most current information available.  

ACCESS-Retired serves ACCESS retirees through:

ACCESS 2014 Retirement Luncheon Cruise

ACCESS Retirement Luncheon & Cruise on the Nautica QueenRetirement Luncheon-14-x

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Read the final Report: ACCESS-R Nautica Queen – 2014-10-18

ACCESS members and guests last enjoyed a wonderful luncheon cruise aboard the Nautica Queen on June 9, 2012.   This year’s event is planned for Saturday, October 18, 2014.  Download the Retirement Luncheon-2014 flyer.

All ACCESS retirees, current staff members, family and friends are invited.   We expect great weather for a fantastic luncheon buffet and lake/river cruise.   Don’t miss this one; it may be the last for a while!

Please purchase your tickets directly from the Nautica Queen by calling 216-696-8888 and use confirmation code “11198-4” to assure that you will be seated with our group.  No one from ACCESS will be collecting money or reservations!

Visit the ACCESS 2014 Retirement Luncheon Cruise page for more information, directions, and links to the venues.

Remember SB-5 and OEA Campaign 2012

The incredible amount of money pouring into the federal elections (President, Senate, and Congress) this year has all but drowned out the important issues inOhio’s elections.  ACCESS-Retired members must gather their family and friends and remind them of the issues affecting public education in this year’s election.  The anti-education forces that brought you SB-5 have redistricted the state to strengthen their chances of re-election.  If they succeed in gaining seats in the Ohio House, we will see more anti-education and anti-worker legislation and it will be difficult if not impossible to repeal it as we did with SB-5.

Local committees of OEA members have interviewed the candidates and have recommended pro-education candidates in nearly every statehouse race.  This year we are lucky to have TEN OEA members running for the statehouse to help protect children and public education.  The fight is not over; the stakes are much higher now.  It’s time to step up again.   Support the pro-education candidates and oppose those that gave us SB-5.

If ONE more anti-education legislator is elected to the Ohio House, they will be able to directly place any anti-education/anti-worker issue on the Ohioballot without the need to collect any signatures.  It is anticipated that a “Right to Work for less” amendment that would strip union rights could be put on in 2013.

If SEVEN more anti-education legislators are elected to the Ohio House, they will be able to pass anti-education legislation as an “Emergency” measure, going into effect immediately upon the Governor’s signature with no opportunity to collect signatures for ballot repeal as happened with SB-5.

The State Board of Education can stop bad things from happening.  Governor Kasich will control all eight of the appointed seats on the State Board of Education in 2013.  Seven of the eleven elected seats are on the ballot this year.  We must support the Pro-Education candidates screened and recommended by our fellow OEA members.  Screenings are underway now – check the OEA website as recommendations are completed.

President Barack Obama and Senator Sherrod Brown have consistently supported Public Education and deserve our support.  Their opponents have not and promise more anti-education attacks.  Josh Mandel supported SB-5 while Romney and Ryan have promised deep cuts.

For complete OEA information on the Candidates visit the OEA Campaign 2012 page.  Register and login to the “Members Only” area.

Vote YES on Issue 2 – the Voters First Ohio Redistricting Amendment

The Voters First Ohio coalition needs you, your family, your friends and neighbors to Vote Yes on Issue 2 – the redistricting plan on the ballot this year.  Strong opposition is expected from those that gerrymandered the state districts last year.  By a 3-2 partisan vote the Ohio Ballot Board has severely trimmed  the ballot language, certifying it and assigning the amendment to “Issue 2” requiring a “YES” vote to pass (last year Issue 2 to repeal SB-5 required a “no” vote – look for confusion). Visit the OEA Voters First webpage for more information.

The Voters First campaign comes after a highly controversial redistricting process where Ohio’s district maps – drawn by politicians – received widespread criticism from citizens and editorial boards of major newspapers across Ohio for destroying competition, dividing communities, and giving one political party an unfair advantage over the other party.

Voters First’s proposal will create an Independent Citizens Commission.  Federal and State politicians, lobbyists and political insiders are prohibited from serving on the commission.  The Commission’s work will be open and it will be accountable to the public.  The Commission will empower voters to choose their politicians instead of politicians picking their voters.

Voters First Ohio is led by a coalition of nonpartisan groups, including OEA, The League of Women Voters, and others  from across Ohio.  The coalition was created to take the power over drawing our congressional and legislative districts out of the hands of the politicians and put it in the hands of the people.